Introduction to Venepuncture (Blood Collection)- Workshop

This superb workshop serves as an introduction to the art of blood collection. It is specifically designed for health professionals who aim to master the technique of venepuncture and earn CPD hours. Additionally, it offers valuable insights for individuals considering a career in pathology collecting, especially those who may be hesitant to directly enrol in the Certificate III in Pathology Collection (HLT37215). It’s important to note that this workshop is not equivalent to the aforementioned certification.

This excellent course will equip you with the knowledge and expertise needed to confidently start your journey in this field.


Enrolment dates

There are currently no openings available for this course.

Introduction to Venepuncture: Gaining Intravenous Access for Blood Sample Collection

Venepuncture is the procedure for gaining intravenous access, which is typically done in order to collect blood samples. Through the skin, a hollow needle is introduced into a superficial vein (typically in the cubital fossa of the forearm). After that, blood is collected in evacuated tubes.


Full fee: $299


In-House Training 

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Riverceource Training Facility

One day Course: 9am – 1pm

  • Face-to-Face – This face-to-face training combines theoretical learning with hands-on experience in realistic simulations and scenarios.

Entry requirements

  • This course does not have any prerequisites. However, a  Certificate III or higher in a field relevant to health is recommended.
  • Meet literacy and numeracy requirements
  • Minimum age: 16 years old or older

This course takes place in a setting that offers realistic in-depth scenarios and simulations to aid in developing your skills and knowledge.


  • Anatomy of blood vessels
  • Learn to read referrals, patient checks, pre-testing requirements, and contraindications.
  • Get familiar with pathology tests. Abbreviations/ acronyms, meaning, the minimum amount of blood to be collected, required tubes, and order of draw.
  • Follow infection prevention and control measures. Required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Discover the locations of the best venipuncture sites (site choice, size of needle and collection technique)
  • Deal with difficult veins
  • Understand the various venipuncture methods and when to utilise them.
  • Learn how to take blood with the proper venipuncture technique (The Procedure)
  • Accurately label and documentation.
  • Process specimens following regulatory and organisational guidelines

Study Location

This training course is offered at the Gold Coast Riversource Training facility and on-site at your preferred location.

Face-To-Face Training

  • Oxenford, Gold Coast
  • Riversource Training Facility

In-House Training

  • At your own facility
  • We can come to you and deliver training onsite, at your venue.

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