Julia Comas

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have benefited from the extensive knowledge and experience of the trainers. It makes learning and coming to class so much fun and very engaging. I was astounded by how much I learned in such a short period of time. It is so true, that a great quality educator makes a huge difference!

Julia, C.

Omar Perez

The best webinar I’ve ever attended!
From beginning to end, it was fantastic! I started with minimal knowledge and ended up with a wealth of relevant information that I can now apply to my current job. The combination of theory with great examples made the webinar super entertaining. I was not bored once, and I enjoyed learning from the convenience of my own home.

Omar, P.

Joseph Novellas

The course content, the trainers’ expertise, and the ease with which I could study were all excellent. My overall experience with the entire process and the whole team has been exceptional. I would strongly recommend Riversource Training to everyone!

Joseph, N.

Laura Chirveches

The course content was perfectly-designed, and I gained a great deal of useful knowledge that has boosted my confidence. I loved the teaching style that the teachers used, and I learned a lot more than I expected. The balance between covering the basics and more advanced topics was superb. I can’t wait to put everything I’ve learned into practice!

Laura, C.

Claudia Comas

I was a little nervous at first since I didn’t know what to expect, but the trainers set me at ease by thoroughly presenting the content using real-life examples that made hard concepts seem a lot easier. I appreciate the fact that I was never judged and that I was always treated as a valued member of a small community. I made a lot of amazing friends in class and had a blast!

Claudia, C.

Esther Rubio

My expectations were considerably exceeded by Riversource Training Institute. They offered a wonderful learning environment in which we all felt very comfortable and were able to attain our goals. They have incredible trainers that genuinely care about us and are always willing to teach us one-on-one skills when needed.

Esther, R.